Sarongs are many things to many people. Throughout history the world has known the sarong by different names as well.

For instance, the people from the South Pacific islands of Tahiti and Hawaii call sarongs, "Pareos", in the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia , Thailand, Malyasia, and the Phillipinnes it's called a "Surong", in India a similar garment is named "Sri" and Africa they call it a "Kanga". In ancient times of Rome and Greece it was named a "Toga".

We choose to use the Indonesian name "Sarong", because it's the most popular name today and where the majority of Sarongs/Pareos/Kangas are made. Sarongs are mainly manufactured in Indonesia, but they are being made all over the world and even here in the United States. There are as many names as there are ways to use a sarong!!!

Some people call sarongs handmade creations of art. Others call sarongs bathing suit cover-ups. It doesn't matter what you call them. It matters what you do with it. Essentially, there is a very long list for how a sarong can be used.

Here are the top ten (ok top eleven) most popular sarong uses:

1. Sexy Skirt

2. Quick Bathing Suit Cover-up

3. Dress Toga

4. Curtains

5. Shawl / Scarf

6. Wall Art

7. Table / Seat / Couch Cover

8. Beach Blanket

9. Turban

10. Fabric to Make Clothing

11. Your choice!

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However, many people in the world use it as an essential part of living.

In Indonesia on the island of Java, in the not too distant past, sarongs of certain designs and patterns were strictly reserved for royalty and where the property of Kings, Queens, Nobles and Aristocrats. Imitating these designs and wearing them in public was punishable by death!!! Some of these designs can be found in our "Traditional Batik" at: Java Traditional

It takes many many hours of hard work to create a sarong. The process is very long and difficult. Sarongs are created using the art of Batik. Read more about it at: "Batik".

But the best part of it all is you'll fall in love with your sarong. The colors and patterns are amazing and you'll be hypnotized and swept away by the beauty! You'll never want to put it down or take it off. Plus you'll never find these in a big department store. Each is a work of art on its own and is hand made not mass produced.

Sarongs are gaining more and more popularity. Especially as our world becomes smaller and we begin to reach out and interact with new cultures. Meeting new people and experiencing different ways of living is very exciting. We discover wonderful gifts and treasures along the way.

Sarongs are one of these treasures we'd like to share with you.

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