Wholesale FAQ

Wholesale FAQ


Q: What is wholesale vs retail?

A: Wholesale means that you buy for the purpose of re-selling.  It's often called the "Trade".  Retail buying is when you use the product for yourself or as a gift etc.  Wholesaler customers are traditioally shops or vendors that sell at their stores, online or fairs festivals etc.

Q: How do I become a wholesale customer?

A: Most manufacturers and businesses want to know that you are seriously a wholesale buyer.  This is because they want you to become a repeat customer that buys in bulk.  Wholesale pricing is significantly lower cost from retail pricing because the manufacturer makes it up on volume of the amount of pieces sold.  You must prove to the manufacturer that you are a business and often requires proof of a sellers permit or an incorporation or filling out a form.

Q: How do I apply for wholesale with 1 World Sarongs

A: Send us an email or fill out our form at www.1worldsarongs.com/wholesale.html

There's not much more to know but if you have any questions please let us know.