Batik Influences

Nobody knows exactly when or where batik originated, some claim it to be thousands of years old. Many believe the island of Java Indonesia to be the cradle of batik. Java is well known around the world for its batik artistry. It's believed that as in many cultures, religion and royalty played a big part in influencing the designs of batik. Through the centuries there has been an intermingling of cultures that have influenced batik.

Indonesia is a land of many cultures and religions. With over 17,000 islands, 300 plus languages and roughly 240 million people, it's a wonder how that they keep it all together, but that's another story. Hindu, Islam and other religions, influenced traditional batik art. On our website you'll see some examples of this. For instance in our "Java Classics" collection you'll see the repetitive patterns of Islamic influence. You'll also find sarongs with "Ganesha" and "Shiva" which are Hindu deities. Other influences include the Dutch who arrived in the 17th century bringing more colors. The Chinese brought more symbols like dragons, lions and the Phoenix.

As a result of the cultural influences many styles have developed and now there is a wide array of batik designs.

Batik is known and used all over the world. It is a beautiful and exotic art form with infinite possibilities.