Sarong as Traditional Skirt


The most popular way to wear your sarong is as a sarong skirt. The sarong skirt can be worn almost anytime and anywhere.

Here are some of the times that sarong skirts are great.

You are in your hotel room dressed in your bathing suit ready for a day at the pool. There are two options, tip-toe down the hall, hoping no one opens their door, then wait and pray the elevator is empty, to only have to walk half naked thru the crowed lobby. Or the perfect solution is grab your sarong; tie it around your waist creating a sarong skirt and off you go, covered and stylish and not showing the world your Assets.

After your day of lounging at the pool side you are ready to eat. Grab the same sarong or choose from the other sarongs you have packed and create the sarong skirt again, this time paring it with a nice top and cute pair of sandals. The sarong skirt is the easy and looks great.

Here is how to tie your sarong

Step 1. Hold the sarong behind your back, positioned at your waist.

Step 2. Tie the ends of the sarong fabric overhand once.

Step 3. Tie the sarong again to from a knot. Reposition and fluff up the sarong ends so they fall nicely.