Sarong as Head Wrap

sarong as head wrap

Did you know our sarongs can be used as a head wrap too? Here are three good reasons to wear a sarong as a head wrap.

First, have you ever had a bad hair day? Here is what you do! Grab a sarong, wrap it around your head and run out the door in style. Voila, it’s a wrap. That is why sarongs are fashionable and functionable at the same time.

Second, you’re in a camel race and your camel breaks down! The sun is beating down on your head, what do you do? Wrap a sarong around your head, instant sun block.

Lastly, on a more serious note, if your hair has thinned or fallen out as a result of chemo therapy you will find sarongs quite useful. When you wrap a sarong around your head it makes you feel good and 1 Worlds Sarongs make the perfect head wraps because they are very comfortable, lightweight, breathable and stylish. Our sarongs are the most beautiful and will make you feel and look wonderful.

Here is how you can create a Head Wrap:

Step 1. Hold the sarong in front of you, position on your head, having the sarong hang in front.

Step 2. Twist the sarong fabric half way down.

Step 3. Wrap the twisted sarong around top of the head.