Sarong Sizing


“How do I size a sarong? What size sarongs should I get? I’ve never worn a sarong before, is there any special size?” We hear those questions quite often.

Well, don’t worry, we’ve been doing this for years now and sarongs are super easy to size, highly fashionable and lots of fun too. No need to be a Mensa member, just read below to find out how to size and wear your sarong.

To begin with, you’ll need to know:

- You’re waist size – if you don’t know, take a string or measuring tape and wrap it around your hips or where you will tie the sarong (no fibbing)

- You’re inseam or pant leg size or length from hip to heel

Here’s how to size a sarong for wearing as a sarong skirt. Modern full sarongs average in rectangular size approximately 66” x 44” inches (66” x 22” for half sarongs) in length and width (not including fringe). So if a sarong measures 66” inches long, and your waist is 33” inches around, the sarong will wrap around you approximately twice (33” waist x 2 wraps = 66” length of sarong). In our experience this is the perfect length and is usually more than enough material for the petite to average person to wrap themselves in a sarong comfortably.

As for covering your legs from the waist down, the sarong is 44” inches long from top to bottom (half sarongs are 22” inch, knee length for short skirts or kids). For example, if your waistline is 44” inches long (from hips to heel) or less, your sarong will cover you from your waistline to you sandals or bare feet.

Wearing a sarong as a basic skirt is easy and requires less material and skill than wearing a sarong as a sarong dress or sarong neck knot dress. Also, to use a sarong around the bust area as a “bandeau” top requires slightly longer sarongs as well (or a skinnier torso ;-)

So that’s pretty much it, you’re now “in the know” and ready to tie a sarong on. Can you feel the sand between your toes yet?

We recommend that you check out our link on “How to Tie a Sarong”. This link gives instructions and examples for how to tie your sarong. Plus we have a few guides on how to tie your sarong you can download directly to your computer.

The great things about sarongs is they are totally flexible…so in general if you have a little bit too much material…you can fold, tuck and drape it so it will still look flattering and good. Maintain a relaxed attitude and you’ll find your sarongs to be one of your best friends and additions to your wardrobe. Warning! Sarongs are habit forming and you may want to wear them all year round and even to work. So be careful, don’t say we didn’t warn you :-P

Sarong ties are great accessories as well and wonderful to keep your sarong tied on. You don’t want your sarong falling down at the resort as you reach for your tropical drink with the little umbrella in it do you?

Also, If you find your on the plus size or you want more material to work with, you may want to look at our plus sized sarongs or even our traditional sarongs which are a bit longer.

See our Plus Sized Sarongs

Plus sized sarongs can measure approximately 72” x 44” or 86” x 44” or even 100” x 44” inches. Plus size sarongs are good for making other outfits with your sarongs.

See our Sarong Ties

Good for keeping your sarongs tied on and they look good too.

See our Traditional Sarongs

Traditional Indonesian Sarongs with patterns from Java and Bali. Usually from cotton or silk and longer too.

See our Half Sarongs (mini sarongs)

For short sarong skirts and mini sarong skirts…good for kids or those who like to show more. Half sarongs can also be used as a shawl, head wrap, sash or scarf.

See our Sarongs by Style

Our sarongs organized by groups of designs…to our best ability. We have way too many to keep them totally organized. But you’ll find Solid Colored Sarongs for matching you bathing suit, Floral Sarongs, Celtic Sarongs, Tie Dyed Sarongs etc.

See our Sarong Sets

Find matching tops and sarongs for a complete outfit


Hi Kim,

Thanks very much for your question about tying a sarong as a sarong dress.

When sizing a sarong for being tied as a sarong dress we’ll need to consider the width rather than the length. Sarongs have a width of approximately 44 inches and 66 inches in length. The width of a sarong is the key factor when tying a sarong as a sarong dress. The wider the bust area and the larger the diameter of one’s neck the more material or wider the sarong will need to be. For the average woman 44 inches is sufficient for creating the sarong dress with a neck knot tie. Alternately, for larger body types, we can tie the sarong around the bust area without going around the neck. It’s almost the same to tie a sarong as a sarong skirt on the hip. Making a knot in front to have a strapless sarong dress. Check out our link here: "Sarong as a Dress"

The key is to have fun with it and be creative. Sarongs can be a girl’s best friend so give them a whirl and tie one on.

Sometimes you can even incorporate a sarong tie / buckle. These are handy to keep your sarong tied on. Click on this link to see the available selection: "Sarong Ties"

Hope that helps!


From: Kim Y

Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 7:23 AM To: Subject: question...

I found your site and would like to order a couple sarongs but am unsure of size and would appreciate your help. The sarongs would be gifts for women who would likely wear them as a dress rather than simply a long skirt. They are about a size 12.

If I correctly read your information, a regular sized sarong might not work well for a dress? If not what size would I order?

Thanks very much.

Sarah Q. "Kim"