Sarong Skirt

Sarong Skirt

Use these pictures and directions to learn how to tie your sarong as a skirt.

Step 1:

Grab the top corners of your sarong and pull the sarong behind your lower back. You should now have one corner in each hand.

Step 2:

Pull the right corner of your sarong towards your shoulder and push the left corner away from you.

Step 3:

Now trade your sarongs corners in each hand. Then adjust the level of the sarong on your waist.

Step 4:

Pull your sarong tighter around your waist. Experiment by pulling each sarong corner in either direction. (This may take a few tries to get the right amount of material situated for an appealing sarong skirt.)

Step 5:

Pull the corner of your sarong in your left hand towards the back of you while pulling the sarong corner in your right hand in the opposite direction to keep the fabric taut. Take the sarong corner in your left hand and tuck the fabric into your waist behind you. The feeling is like tucking your shirt into the back of your pants (use a safety pin in the back for a more secure tie).

Step 6:

Now take the remaining sarong corner in front of you and let it drape in a flattering manner.

Step 7:

You're finished! Time to go have fun in your sarong!